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Erik Andreas Larsen

03.23.1940 · 11.22.2021

Our father finally found peace after a long struggle with dementia.

Dear Dad,

Thank you for everything you've given us. You taught me the value of hard work, adaptability, and tackling challenges from the top down. However, it became difficult when you developed dementia - how does one really cope with that?

I found your speeches from my 18th birthday. And WOW, you hit the nail on the head with me about the things you observed back then. Things that clearly influence my life today. The speeches brought me comfort because I know it was important for me to have your wisdom and words with me. So, even though we lost you to dementia, you were and still are with me in many ways.

Love you.
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The war was a significant part of your childhood

Grandfather was a freedom fighter, and it left its mark on your life.


Moved to another part of the country

Now something else was going to happen, and you were going to work in a clothing store.


Met mom ❤️


Your big dream came true - you and mom bought a house


Your first child came into the world.

30. april
My beloved sister was born, and the beginning of the family had started


Second child arrived

19. november
Then I arrived ❤️ I wasn't exactly cute :-D


Both good and bad

A strange year - your beloved national team won the European Championship, you got your dream car, but at the same time, mom lost her job.


Confirmation for the youngest

5. may
How could I ever wear such clothes? :-D


Grandmother passed away.

Your mother passed away, and your relationship had always been a bit unique; for better or worse. Despite the distance, you made sure to take care of her grave <3


Family gathering

It was always wonderful when the whole family was gathered with you and Lis <3


Visit at our place

When you were at our place, Lotus couldn´t let you go


Dementia showed its ugly face

The signs began to appear, but you fought stubbornly - and you got to meet your last grandchild before you passed away... <3

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