Terms of Agreement

It is free to create a profile and one memorial website on lovingmem.com.

To access additional features, the ability to create more than one memorial website, and more space for pictures and videos on the online memorial website, you can use our premium solution.

This costs 5 $ per month or 48 $ per year. The subscription is ongoing and billed monthly or yearly in advance. You can also choose to make a one-time payment, lifetime, of $99 which covers as long as you have the memorial website.

Payment transactions are handled by Stripe Inc. via automatic card payment. The following payment cards can be used:
American Express


You can always change your payment card via the profile area. It is your responsibility to ensure that a valid credit card is attached to the subscription as long as it is active.

We reserve the right to stop the subscription and close the online memorial(s) if payment is not received.

Cancel subscription

You can always cancel your subscription via your profile on lovingmem.com or by sending an email to [email protected]. The subscription can be cancelled to the end of the current payment period. Any remaining part of a payment period will not be refunded if the cancellation occurs in the middle of a payment period. Upon cancellation, the memorial website will be deleted.

Price regulation

As a subscriber, you will be notified via email at least 60 days before any price changes.

Publishing and Responsibility

The subscriber or collaborator of the online memorial is solely responsible for the content on it. Therefore, Loving Memories cannot be held responsible for the content the users have chosen to publish. However, Loving Memories reserves the right to close memorial websites and/or delete content that violates the law, is offensive, or is used for purposes other than those intended.

Loving Memories reserves the right to continuously change and adjust the guidelines for what content on the online memorials that can be deleted or closed.

Loving Memories server provider has an uptime of 99.97%. In case of downtime, Loving Memories or its provider cannot be held responsible for financial or other types of losses.


If you choose to create a subscription, this is done at the same time as the online memorial is created. As a result, the product is used, and it is therefore not possible to regret the purchase. If you have regretted the purchase, we refer to our terms of cancellation.