The story behind Loving Memories

Loving Memories was founded by Lasse Schou Larsen, Kenneth Peetz-Schou, and Jeff Hyldgaard. With each of them having a background in the digital world, the trio set out in 2021 to create a virtual platform as valuable support for people in the challenging period following a loss.

The result is Loving Memories, where anyone can create a free online memorial website and share both sorrow and joy through memories.

The driving force behind Loving Memories is a desire to make a difference for people in a time when grief, loss, and good memories compete for space in the heart.

Lasse Schou Larsen: An idea created by grief

Lasse Schou Larsen, born in 1980. Lives with his wife, their three daughters, and a golden retriever. He has worked in the digital industry since 2005.

At the age of 24, Lasse lost his mother. In the years that followed, he was often abroad for work, and the family photo albums and long conversations with family and friends about grief, loss, and cherished memories were far away. Over time, the idea arose to create a digital memorial where you can gather memories in words and pictures, both for yourself, other relatives, and future generations.

"With a online memorial, I have fulfilled my own wish to have a place where the memories of my mother are gathered. It means a lot to me that I can show my children who their grandmother was. It also pleases me every time that new memories of my mother are shared on the page – in a way, I get to know her better all the time," says Lasse Schou Larsen.

Kenneth Peetz-Schou: Grief and loss are universal

Kenneth Peetz-Schou, born 1980. Lives with his son. Kenneth has a master's degree in financial marketing and has worked with IT companies, software, and online marketing during his career.

Kenneth Peetz-Schou and Lasse Schou Larsen have known each other since primary school, and Kenneth has watched from the sidelines - both when Lasse lost his mother and when he began to work on the idea of Loving Memories.

"No matter who you are or where you come from, you will experience grief and loss when you lose someone you love. In this way, we unite around something universal after a loss. Loving Memories is a place where we come together with our grief and loss - it's easily accessible, and you always have it close at hand. And it becomes extra valuable when you not only keep your memories in your heart but share them with others in the form of pictures and stories about what made the life worth living," says Kenneth Peetz-Schou.

Jeff Hyldgaard: The desire to create value for other people

Jeff Hyldgaard, born in 1987. Lives with his wife and three children. Jeff is a trained multimedia designer and has worked as a full-stack web developer since 2010. Jeff Hyldgaard and Lasse Schou Larsen's paths crossed when they both worked at an advertising agency.

"I am a part of Loving Memories because I want to use my abilities to create something valuable for other people. In my own family, the process of building a memorial website has sparked many thoughts and conversations," says Jeff Hyldgaard and adds:

"I hope that the platform will create togetherness and cohesion among the bereaved, so that they can share both the grief over the loss and the joy of remembering the good things. If we make a difference to just one person in mourning, then it has been a success”.

Kenneth, Jeff og Lasse
From left, Kenneth Peetz-Schou, Jeff Hyldgaard and Lasse Schou Larsen