I still feel like I am a part of my aunt's life

Flemming's story

Flemming Poulsen

"When my cousin invited me to become a part of my aunt's memorial, it made me very happy and grateful. Both because I am close to my cousin, but also because my aunt was a big part of my upbringing”.

The old family albums were brought down from the attic, and Flemming Poulsen quickly sent them to his aunt's son. "Being able to contribute to remembering my aunt's life in that way felt really good. I know it has been of immense value to her two children that some pictures they had never seen before suddenly appeared. And now they are there digitally and are being 'used', it makes me genuinely happy and gives me the feeling of having made a difference. And yes, it's also very nice to read memories and stories about my aunt that I didn't know myself," Flemming elaborates.